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Tired of grumpy painters with no personality? Let out a sigh of relief because the happy painter bucket is here to change the painting industry! Now you can feel comfortable having your homes painted by friendly, personable, happy painters who always strive for perfection. We feel that a positive working environment is just as important as the quality of work being produced. You can be assured that your homes and their rooms will be creatively transformed into beautiful works of art that are personalized to your individual needs.

Having trouble deciding what you want? Not to worry, C. Wells has an extensive background in art and design, giving you the upper hand in the endless battle of making your home beautiful. We view each project as a blank canvas to express our creativity, and above all, we aim to give you what you want. From colors, to accents, to furniture placement, C. Wells has ideas and palettes that will blow your mind!

Whether it's interior, exterior, faux finish, or mural that you're looking for, rest assure, when itís done by enthusiastic artists with passion, itís done right! So next time you have a project in mind, give us a call and weíll make your dream home a reality! And always remember to keep smiling!!


C. Wells Painting