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Information Seller Qi Chen. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Reading Magnifier With Light. Live Internet Radio Tuner. Easy Calc - Camera Eye.


Spy hidden camera Detector. Night Eyes Lite - Night Camera. Have you looked for cameras at the Store?

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There are a lot, they are good, they all have something that makes them unique With Easy Calc you can record video, audio or take pictures without being noticed. This application is intended to be used for fun. It's not intended to record hidden audio or video or any other thing that may violate other's privacy rights. It's not our intention to promote spying others. Delayed trigger, sequencer and so many other options will blow your mind!

The Motion Detector is available as a paid feature inside the application. You can also customize when you want to be asked to enter the PIN: This will prevent that someone that grabs your device while recording can access your files.

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Well, there is a countless number of spy camera apps for iPhone, and The above is one of the best spy cameras for iPhone devices, and it. Download Hidden Spy Cam - Secret Camera Tool and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, If you are looking for an app to take secret photos, then this app won't.

They are totally private and yours. Chose between a default unlock screen or a camouflaged unlock screen that shows a functional calculator fooling anyone. You may export them via eMail or Itunes Share. You may also copy your files from the camera roll to our private storage so you don't have to delete those photos or videos that you don't want on the public camera roll. Some metrics under normal lightning: If you have any doubt, concern or suggestion, you are welcome to contact us at contact inzori.

We will answer your email right away!. We love what we do and we try to do it well, if you have problems with the application or don't understand how a feature works, contact us before writing a bad review. We are pleased to help! Check our FAQ also before giving us a bad rating: We appreciate your feedback so we could fix this bug quickly. When using your iPhone gallery view you can select multiple images and then decide what you want to do with them. With your App it is just a larger thumbnail view and you still have to select one by one, going to a full size image each time to tell it what to do with the image.

The Galley should have the same options as the detail view which is VERY useful to batch process files. Thanks again for a great App that truly works in stealth as advertised. The rest is pretty good. Also to be able to use the volume buttons for when you want to turn off and on the recording. Hi xxlMattxx, thank you for your feedback. We'll check that motion detector message you mention. Check the new version 6.

Awesome app, but could you make a setting to where the user can choose where to start after opening. Like when I open the app, I want to go straight to rear camera.

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This would help a ton. Another suggestion is to have an option to disable shutter sound. I bought the pro version, and feel that I should be able to customize my experience a little bit more. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description This is the best camera application out there.

Video was not being saved after recording audio only in some devices. Videos were not being saved in some devices after recording. Crash when in the photos gallery with a lot of pictures. It will now respect your choice Low,Medium,High - Fixed a crash when using motion detector. The app crashed after some minutes using motion detector. We're sorry for the bugs we've introduced with the previous version. We really appreciate your patience and your feedback! It really helped us!

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Continue sending us your suggestions please! Vibration when you take a pic is back! We listen to you This works for single pics only not for picture sequences. You can now chose between 2 themes for your home screen dark or light. It just puts a black or white background at the home screen. We changed the icon for a darker one. This could be used in undercover law enforcement investigations, private investigations, or just to catch a friend doing something embarrassing.

I'm sure there are some legal aspects to consider when using these apps in your state so pay attention to those laws before proceeding. It had an obvious recording bar that made the app a novelty instead of a true spy recording application. Once the first version hit the store, me and a few other people posted mixed reviews about it and mostly moved on. A few weeks later the developer released a new version 1. If you want a true spy video application, this is the best one on the market right now.

Tap top of screen to enter settings.

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Tap anywhere to start recording, tap anywhere to stop. Here is a picture of some of the SpyVid settings and also one of their demo backgrounds alibis before you could hide the settings bar recording and after they updated the application where you can now hide the settings bar and red recording dot. Code Chim Software Version Reviewed: It looked promising from the screen shots but has a few very obvious limitations. Firstly, they completely limited your ability to hide the act of recording.

They plastered the word 'Recording' in a 14 point font large across the screen during recording sessions. If this weren't bad enough, they also limit your choice of fake screen to, a fake dial pad, fake caller screen, and a blank screen. Those screens aren't bad by themselves, but the simplicity of them amplifies any attempt at hiding the large and obvious 'Recording' on the screen.

In the latest version they gave you the option to use red dot recording which has a small blinking red dot on the screen instead of the 'Recording' words. This helped make it a little more clandestine, but hardly enough to make it a serious spy app. Also the fact that it returns to the main menu every time sucks because you can't do sequential videos without re-clicking the fake screen.

Here is a picture of the settings note the limited background options with no option to set custom backgrounds. Also not the only to visibly obvious recording screens. One with 'Recording' really large and the other with a smaller red dot.